abt me ♡

› yura

› she/her;; chaotic lesbian

› 20 yo ;; 02.06;; gemini

› enfp

› currently living in china

› chinese language and literature major

friems ♡

› ikki
› gena
› sakura
› kira

before you follow:

› english and chinese are not my native languages so i can occasionally make mistakes

› i'm an adult n my twt isn't safespace for minors

› i often tweet abt my life, so this is NOT fandom acc

› there are the plenty of celebs who i don’t like, i won’t hate on them, but i probably won’t follow u back if u stan them

› rt a lot !!!

› will block u if you make me uncomfortable

› feel free to dm or reply me! plz interact

› sb when unfollowing plz!

don't follow if:

› you are mysoginist, lgbtphobic, xenophobic etc

› you are believer that fiction=reality

› you are bitter over rpf content cuz i often rt bjyx fanarts or fics n sometimes tweet about them too, just block me if it makes u uncomfortable

main interests:



› gaming (the legend of zelda series, kingdom hearts, persona series etc)

› c-variety shows/c-dramas

› mdzs/cql

minor interests:

› ensemble stars

› anime

› russian literature

› manga

› food

› cats

♡ 未来的路我陪你们走下去 ♡

u & u

肖战 ♡ xiao zhan

"happiness? i think i'm a pretty fortunate person. the thing about happiness, i think, is that there's no way to measure it; i believe that every one of us is actually experiencing some challenges, or things that make us unhappy so i think that happiness differs from person to person but i think that i'm a very fortunate, lucky person." — xz

    王一博 ♡ wang yibo

    “i have a very honest personality, and i don’t hide my angles and corners. although i look cool, I’m actually very shy, and I guess the contrast is cute?" — wyb

      “lastly i want to say, i'm not kneeling and walking anymore, let's stand up in the future i'll keep walking down grandly! are you all willing to accompany me?" — xyy

      徐艺样 ♡ xu yiyang

        吴宣仪 ♡ wu xuanyi

        "growth is accompanied by tears, but in my memory, growing up is accompanied by laughter; a person’s growth cannot be narrowly defined, we have to admit: a kid who likes to cry might be very brave, and someone who likes to smile can have troubles too." — wxy

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